The year That Never Came

2002: Chicago’s music scene was suffering from a crippling ennui. The city was hemorrhaging talent to the West and East coasts and people were falling asleep in their ashtrays. Even the drugs were bland. From this wreckage, singer Joe Cassidy and drummer/programmer Aaron Miller mined the early inspiration for the band, going deep into the caves blasted open originally by New Order, Kraftwerk, Wire, and Gang of Four. In short order they were joined by Merritt Lear, Alex Kemp and David Golitko, turning a bedroom collaboration into a full fledged band.

Signed after only 10 shows to Arista by LA Reid, they co-produced an album with Stephen Hague (New Order, Pet Shop Boys, OMD). When BMG removed LA Reid from his control of Arista, the band was put through the meat grinder of super fucked-up mercenary music law, and the record was locked in a vault guarded by an ogre named Chad with a law degree from Dartmouth.

The Album was eventually released under the title “YOU WILL CHANGED US.” After success in Chicago opening for acts such as Duran Duran, Zwan, Soundtrack of our Lives, Interpol, Jet, Adult., French Kicks, The Walkmen, VHS or Beta?, and Hard-Fi, the band subsequently relocated to Los Angeles and spread their wings writing and producing for other projects.

In July of 2021, founding member, songwriter and singer Joe Cassidy unexpectedly passed away. In one last act of will, for the love of their friend, they did the rigorous work of finishing the songs that they had started together for a second album. The forthcoming digital release of “THE YEAR THAT NEVER CAME”, scheduled for August 28th 2022, coincides with a tribute concert for Joe Cassidy, at Metro Chicago, two days before what would have been his 52nd birthday.